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Metal roofs are an attractive option due to their energy sufficiency, longevity and minimal maintenance. They have been around for many years and are one of the fastest-growing divisions in the home improvement market. There are endless options available when it comes to the style and materials, so there is no worry when finding what best suits your home or business.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Because metal roofing is made out of premium materials, it costs more than other roof types. But, this price pays off in the end because of these benefits:

  • Long lastingness and durability – When installed properly, metal roofs will last as long as the building, which is typically 40 to 70 years.
  • Environmentally friendliness – Most times they are made out of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable themselves.
  • Energy sufficiency – Instead of absorbing solar heat, they reflect it year-round. In turn, this helps save money especially during hot summer months.
  • Customizability – Just like any other roof, metal roofs are customizable. From colors, shapes, finishes and materials, you can choose the look to top off your home or business!
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Frequently asked questions for a metal roofing company:

Are metal roofs more expensive than a typical one?

Because metal roofs are a premium product, you can expect to pay at least twice as much than asphalt shingle roofs. But, the price is comparable to tile or cedar shake roofing and is usually less than slate.

Will my metal roof be noisier during bad weather?

There is little difference with metal compared to other materials while it is raining or hailing. Most of the sound is absorbed with attic insulation.

Will a metal roof be too heavy for smaller structures?

No! Actually, it is 50% lighter than asphalt shingle roofs and 75% lighter than slate and concrete tile. As a professional metal roofing company, we have the experience of installing roofs on structures of all sizes!

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